Hong Kong Banyan 香港榕樹 2011-2014

Hong Kong Banyan 香港榕樹 2011-2014

Hong Kong Banyan 香港榕樹
In the Banyan series, Claire is drawn to the embodiment of life and cycles in the gestures of banyan trees and mountain figs. Roots spread aboveground, climb up, hang down as air roots, twist and merge with each other to form new trunks. Her paintings also explore the space occupied by these trees in the city: while some have room to breathe and expand within the urban environment, some are constricted by it, and attempt to break free.

在榕樹系列中,漢澄被細葉榕與高山榕的生命力、以及它們體現着生態循環的多姿體態所吸引。樹根在地面伸展,往上爬,到高處氣根再垂下,與其他支柱盤曲扭成新樹幹。畫作亦 探索榕樹在日常都市佔據的空間:有些樹木在充分的土地中舒展;有些卻在有限的空間中掙扎求存。

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