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'Sidewalk Art' Artist Dialogue with Stella Zhang

Artist Dialogue with Stella Zhang


Sidewalk Art brings installation art out into the streets for the public eye. What are your ideas on public art? (Especially in contrast to gallery art.)


Art on display…


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Chinese Culture Center's 'Sidewalk Art-A Public Art Project'


On Kearny Street you might see installation in progress in the vacant storefronts on this busy San Francisco street. …


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Artist Crystal Liu

Artist Crystal Liu gives us an inside look at her inspiration and point of view as an artist in this interview (below). Ranging from photography to gouache, felt, watercolor, gold leaf...she leaves a wide wash of color and light in her midst. Light plays a prominent role in her work; as her artwork, especially her photographs, are imbued with a transcendent hue, creating otherworldly, often ethereal…


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Noted international art critic Peter Schjeldahl commented on Japanese artist Manabu Ikeda recently in the New Yorker review "Fearing the Worst - Angst in new Japanese Art" with  "Ikeda is a visionary.  His large drawings in acrylic paint, applied with pens, describe masses of organic life, castle architecture, and a city, all infinitesimal in detail......... It would take you hours to explore thoroughly, and then you'd have to start over, to refresh your memory.  Does this sound like…

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Recent Artist Interview with Tae Won Yu

Tae Won Yu

Tae Won Yu got started in art while touring with his band in the punk scene in the early 90's. Delving into mixed media, collage, watercolor, ink and… Continue

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Daily Lives 日常生活 Exhibition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Daily Lives Exhibit 日常生活

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

in conjunction with Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

A joint presentation of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco features the Daily Lives exhibit in the Room for Big…


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Class Schedule

Hi Everyone:

For your reference, here is the schedule for your class.

Mondays: 10AM to 12PM (Noon)

Thursdays: 10AM to 12PM (Noon)

Fridays:  2PM to 5PM

Saturdays: 2PM to 4Pm & 4PM to 6PM


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Chinese Art: An Overview

Chinese art has a rich history, and many different art forms coming from China can be dated to the influences of a specific historic dynasty. For example, the complex Chinese art of paper cutting dates back to the Eastern Han Dynasty 200 to 200 CE (or BC). The art began almost immediately after the invention of paper. Chinese painting, on the other hand, attributes its beginnings the the Tang…


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Salt Lake City Exhibition Review: Displacement

Exhibition Review: Salt Lake City


Contemporary Chinese Art at the Salt Lake Art Center

by Melissa Hempel

The Salt Lake Art Center invites you to sit and contemplate their current exhibition of contemporary Chinese art. In Displacement: The Three Gorges Dam and Contemporary Chinese Art four artists respond to… Continue

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Why need a dissertation sample? Did it really help?

Most students are “first timers” and need thorough and expert guidance from someone skilled. What’s more, teachers may not be available to the students all the time, and in fact, may have even less time at the end of the semester. dissertations sample can be a blessing for students because most students are not familiar with the writing and formatting skills of thesis research and writing. dissertation sample can be used… Continue

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何远鸣 2009-10-13

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Logo Design Creation Process From Concept To Completion

Do you want to know the secret of how top-quality graphic designers design logos? This article will disclose exactly how top-notch logo designers of today’s contemporary age design their logos. It will show the design route that these designers undergo to get to their final logo design.

Logo Designers Design Route:

1. Logo Design Brief

2. Background & Competitive… Continue

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The Artadia Award is unique, providing substantial financial support, critical validation and broader public exposure for artists across the country: * Cash awards are granted in participating citie…

The Artadia Award is unique, providing substantial financial support, critical validation and broader public exposure for artists across the country:

* Cash awards are granted in participating cities on a rotating basis.

* Awards ranging from $15,000 to $3,000 are unrestricted, and can be used however the artist sees fit.

* Applications are open to all visual artists who reside in Artadia's participating cities.

* A two-tiered selection process… Continue

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Review of the Present Tense Biennial at the CCC

I had visited the Present Tense Biennial Exhibition at the CCC back in August, as part of a private tour. I have posted a review of my impressions at my site Please do check it out.

Some excerpts below:

Tamara Albaitis presented an audio and sculptural installation, with two planar arrays of speakers. Each speaker played a human voice uttering… Continue

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墨宣製作簡易方法 墨染宣紙簡稱墨宣






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三乘三特展 金鋒雕塑搶眼 -- 世界日報記者黃美惠洛斯蓋圖14日報導

金鋒的不鏽鋼「旋升」系列之一就擺在博物館的入口前,面對著洛斯蓋圖的Tait街。 記者黃美惠∕攝影

洛斯蓋圖市中心的洛斯蓋圖美術館(Art Museum of Los Gatos)8月7日之前進行「三乘三:三位藝術家,三種視野」(3x3: Three Artists. Three Visions)特展,版畫、油畫和金屬雕塑互相輝映,其中近20件大大小小的金屬雕塑出自華人藝術家金鋒(Feng Jin)之手。館長波麗托波露絲(Catherine… Continue

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love is eternal

my work deals with love accross the divides of life death time space and generationsmore here

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初學書法快樂學習 去繁由簡以水代墨

初學書法快樂學習 去繁由簡以水代墨

以棉代筆 以水代墨 以染代宣 以愛代嚴

以形代字 以畫代書 以大代小 以快代慢

以筷代筆 以立代坐 以牆代桌 以行代楷

以喜代畏 以獎代比 以級代賽 以用代精

學習書法者 本性就是真(書如其人)

追夢就是善(美化人生) 創造就是美(藝術創意)

書法的生命是文化 本質是藝術 目的是應用 價值是創意

練習進步應該從簡易化著手 (象形) (椎沙)(水筆)(染紙) 簡易中得趣味

功能價值應該從實用化著眼 (行草) (設計) (數位)(特色) 實用中得成就 滿足

個人簽名 作品 LOGO 圖騰 班徽 招牌 …

初學練習過程: 以染紙代宣紙 以海綿代毛筆 以執筷代執筆 以站立代座椅 (牆上寫代桌上寫 ) 以趣味代臨摹 以學畫代學書 以象形代楷書 以行草代隸篆

書法教學設計: 增進學習者的自信心與掌握學習中的鼓勵方法

注重培養好奇心趣味性 想像力創造力… Continue

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